I found 21 remarkable forecasts in total made for Bitcoin and Ether this year. Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies skyrocketed this year, but most experts predict much higher prices. If only part of it comes true, the bulls will gallop for a long time. And if you have them, how…

  • “Ageless Finance” means basic financial knowledge is the same in all centuries, but most people don’t know it.
  • There were always many financial crises, frauds, excessive debt, or inflation.
  • Many people fell victim to them for lack of knowledge.
  • Don’t miss learning what humanity should have known since ancient times!

Scandal in the Roman Empire or How Can Be Finance Ageless?

Unbelievable Bitcoin Price Predictions in 2012–2013

One thing that impressed me most about Bitcoin in 2013 was the staggering price forecasts. The price moved around 10–20, later, 30–50 USD only, and predictions of $1000 or $5000 seemed already fantastic. We know how the story evolved so far. …

  • The rhodium price crashed in March by 32 percent but is recovering already.
  • But the rally of the last months and years stays impressive.
  • The reason for the bull run is a tight supply and a strong demand.
  • The causes of the jump have not yet disappeared and may last…
Tokyo, Japan
  • Is the Japanese stock market the nightmare of long-term investors?
  • No. Investors who avoided the bubble-period reached a decent 3.9 real return p. a.
  • Because of the currency appreciation, the return was higher in dollar terms.
  • Japanese stocks in USD hit even new all-time high already.

Why Seem Japanese Stocks Like a Nightmare?

“The return of stock…

  • The crypto-bull is raging, but many investors still stay away.
  • Comfortable cryptocurrency exchange-traded products may be the solution for many new players.
  • But these products are expensive compared with traditional ETFs.
  • Two Factors are undermining the “inflation” hedge and “digital gold” narrative.

The cryptocurrency market is booming again. This time…

  • Is GameStop short-selling harmful or unusual?
  • Short selling itself is normal, the same as long buying.
  • The “let’s blame the short sellers” game is ancient.
  • Are short-sellers the bad guys? Or long buyers?
  • Only if they are manipulative.

Why Is Short Selling Normal?

Small investors trying to “squeeze” GameStop short-selling institutional investors was the…

  • Stock dividends rose slightly and buybacks fell 30 percent in 2020.
  • This year, both may rise again.
  • Means over 1 trillion dollar payout for investors, a yield of 3.1 percent p. a.
  • As interest rates remain low, this may drive stock prices further.
  • Or prevent a deeper fall.

Did Stock Dividends and Buybacks Collapse in the Crisis?

There are…

  • Many authors fear the total collapse of fiat currencies or the end of the dollar.
  • They forget that central banks can not only print money but retire it from circulation, too.
  • Higher inflation of the dollar and other main currencies is very likely, but a collapse is not.
  • But investing…

Back to the Roots-Why Do I Need Digital Silver, Litecoin?

Last week I remembered the old, good Litecoin cryptocurrency for a simple but important reason. I wanted to pay for something. Most people use cryptos nowadays as a speculation asset only. Very few are paying with cryptos, or making other transactions, transfers.

For me, cryptocurrencies are also payment tools. At…

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